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Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

New writer Paul Palmer joins the TFL Podcast website to bring you his QB Rankings for the 2020 season. Read on!

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1.Patrick Mahomes

ADP – 14.55

Projected Points – 443 (Combined from CBS, Sleeper, and NFL Fantasy)

I could have picked either Mahomes or Jackson here. I went with Mahomes because I feel he has more weapons and potentially more ways to score points, he scored 287.68 points last season which placed him as the 7th ranked QB, not bad considering he missed games with his knee injury.

2.Lamar Jackson

ADP – 15.94

Projected Points – 435

Jackson ranked number one in points last year, and I see no reason to think he won’t score well again this season. They added J.K Dobbins in the draft which should give them another dimension out of the backfield and keep the opposition guessing. The Ravens will likely have to mix it up a little from last season so it doesn’t all become too predictable, but he has everything in his favour to score heavily again.

3.Dak Prescott

ADP – 46.96

Projected Points – 406

Dak finished 2019 with 337.78 fantasy points, and the Cowboys had one of the best offences in the league, they added CeeDee Lamb in the draft so this offence could be explosive. Blake Jarwin seems to be impressing through camp so Dak has enough of a supporting cast to really rack up some points this year.

4.Russell Wilson

ADP – 45.82

Projected Points – 387

By now everyone should know what to they are getting from Russell Wilson. He is one of the most consistent players in the league, and I would be surprised if this season were any different. Wison ranked 3rd out of QB’s last year scoring 328.6 points, expect an increase on that this season with the addition of Greg Olson at TE, another pre-season of chemistry with DK Metcalf and talk that they may bring back Josh Gordon.

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5.Deshaun Watson

ADP – 42.25

Projected Points – 386

A lot will ride on Watson this year, after losing his number 1 receiver in the offseason. Still, there is no doubt he has the capacity to score big when it comes to fantasy; he has an uncanny ability to make plays from nowhere with both his arm and his legs. With a capable receiving group, Watson should be a top 5 fantasy QB.

6.Kyler Murray

ADP – 53.99

Projected Points – 375

I expect Murray to take a giant leap this year. With the addition of Hopkins and being in his second year in Kliff Kingsbury’s offence, he has all he needs to be a fantasy star. He could easily score upwards of 100 points more this season which would put him in the same bracket as Watson and Wilson.

7.Carson Wentz

ADP – 75.12

Projected Points – 366

Wentz was as a top 10 fantasy QB last season with no healthy receivers. He has two quality Tight Ends in Ertz and Goedert, Desean Jackson is back and although Jalen Reagor is currently week to week with a partially torn labrum Wentz should have enough around him to easily be a top 10 QB again this year.

8.Josh Allen

ADP – 77.8

Projected Points – 358

Is Josh Allen a top 10 QB in the NFL? Short answer. No! But in fantasy, he has a fair bit of upside, mainly due to his running ability and the danger he poses in the redzone. He was ranked 6th out all QB’s last season and with the addition of Stefon Diggs he has an elite receiver that should help him produce some good fantasy numbers.

9.Matt Ryan

ADP – 80.23

Projected Points – 379

Matt Ryan is super consistent. You can pretty much guarantee that if you draft him, you are getting a top 10 fantasy QB. With receivers like Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley, it is no wonder he scores so well. The Falcons also added more pass-catching options in the offseason with Hayden Hurst and Todd Gurley arriving in Atlanta.

10.Tom Brady

ADP – 77.89

Projected Points – 371

Whoever thought they would see Tom Brady in anything other than a Patriots uniform? I believe this is an excellent move for Brady, he has some of the best weapons he has had in a long time, add in Gronk’s return, and I expect Brady to have some substantial numbers this season.

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11.Drew Brees

ADP – 76.24

Projected Points – 370

Brees seems to keep on going with any real drop off in play. He missed a few games last season so is 2019 ranking doesn’t look good, but with Michael Thomas and the addition of Emmanuel Sanders the Saints offence looks good. Don’t be surprised to see Brees have some great numbers this year and potentially be a top 5 fantasy QB!

12.Matt Stafford

ADP – 116.37

Projected Points – 337

Some might think this is a bit high for Stafford, but he was in great touch last year before his season-ending back injury. When back to full health as expected, don’t be surprised if he puts up big numbers, he is super consistent, and if he were on a team other than the Lions would probably get a lot more buzz than he does.

13.Jared Goff

ADP – 131.58

Projected Points – 341

The former 1st overall pick had a pretty rough year last year. But I still believe there is enough talent to be a top 10 QB. He has one of the best coaches in football in Sean McVay and above-average wide receivers in Kupp and Woods. Look for him to have a bounce-back year.

14.Phillip Rivers

ADP – 14.69

Projected Points – 321

Rivers had a pretty rough year last year. He only ended up this high on the list because he will be the QB1 in Indianapolis; his mobility isn’t as good as some, so his need for some proper protection is paramount, something he will definitely get from the Colts O-line, add in a good receiver group and there is no reason why Rivers can’t play at a much higher level than he did last year.

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15.Joe Burrow

ADP – 131.12

Projected Points – 325

It is always hard to rank rookies. Burrow looked unbelievable last year at LSU, and his stats back it up, but it is a big jump to the NFL. The good news is he has some of the best weapons going; he could be a fun late-round pick with significant upside.

16.Aaron Rodgers

ADP – 77.99

Projected Points – 364

I think Rodgers has been over drafted purely because he is Aaron Rodgers. No doubt he still has a ton of excellent QB play in him; I just don’t think it translates to fantasy. Davante Adams is his only proven receiver, plus it looks as if the Packers are going to be a run-first team. He will probably have a few high scoring games but not consistently enough to have him higher on this list.

17.Cam Newton

ADP – 165.66

Projected Points – 329

This was a tricky selection, we have seen Cam perform at such a high level in the past, but he hasn’t been fit for several seasons now, so his position on this list could change dramatically as the season progresses, it just depends which Cam we get.

18.Derek Carr

ADP – 170.61

Projected Points – 306

Derek Carr seems to be a little underrated by some. To me, he is a good NFL starter, he is never going to be great, but you could do a lot worse. He was ranked 16th out of all QB’s last year and with the addition of Henry Ruggs, Carr could have another solid campaign.

19.Daniel Jones

ADP – 122.59

Projected Points – 332

Jones has the potential to be a pretty exciting prospect. He put up some pretty fun highlights last season, and if he can cut out his turnovers, there should be reason to be optimistic, he has some useful weapons in Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram. It will be interesting to see how he progresses this season, considering he has a new head coach and a new offensive coordinator.

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20.Ryan Tannehill

ADP – 134.05

Projected Points – 324

Tannehill was superb when he took over from Mariota last season, but the Titans are a run-first team, and after signing Henry to his long-term contract I expect the Titans offence to run through him.

21.Baker Mayfield

ADP – 121.57

Projected Points – 323

Mayfield should have a far better year than he did last season. He has one of the most talented offensive groups in the NFL, and his ranking could improve, a concern I have is that Stefanski may prefer to utilise the Browns run game. Overall, there are too many questions to justify putting Mayfield any higher at this stage.

22.Big Ben

ADP – 130.72

Projected Points – 259

This position could rise dramatically once the season starts. If his elbow has fully recovered after surgery, I expect Big Ben to be a solid performer; he has enough of a supporting cast to finish as a top 15 fantasy QB.

23.Kirk Cousins

ADP – 138.03

Projected Points – 320

Kirk Cousins epitomises average if all things are going right, he is a solid starter, but if a few things aren’t quite lining up, I don’t believe he is the type of QB that can lift the team and overcome those hurdles. Add in that he lost Stefon Diggs to the Bills and how much Mike Zimmer likes to run the ball and I don’t see Cousins as a viable fantasy option.

24.Jimmy G

ADP – 134.29

Projected Points – 312

Statistically, Jimmy had a pretty good year last year, and he did help his team reach the Super Bowl. Still, in terms of fantasy there are numerous better options he will no doubt get the odd big scoring game like when he went toe to toe with Drew Brees last year, but the 49ers are another run-heavy offence which isn’t good for a fantasy QB.

25.Teddy Bridgewater

ADP – 241.03

Projected Points – 300

Bridgewater and the Panthers seem like a perfect match. While he may not be the flashiest QB around, he is a safe pick to help the Panthers have consistent QB play through this first season under Matt Rhule. Bridgewater also has one of the best running backs in football and an underrated WR group, which will only help him prove he still has what it takes to be a starter in the NFL.

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26.Gardner Minshew

ADP – 154.64

Projected Points – 329

I liked what Minshew did last year on one of the worst teams in the league. I am not sure the Jags have done much to improve during the offseason though. Still, he has a new offensive coordinator in Jay Gruden, his favourite receiver DJ Chark will be there, so there could be some upside.

27.Sam Darnold

ADP – 157.66

Projected Points – 285

Darnold has so much potential. He lands this low on the list due to his surroundings, I am not sure Adam Gase is the right man to get the best out of Darnold, and although they have addressed the offensive line issues, I still see Darnold having a tough season with the Jets.

28.Nick Foles

ADP – 219.35

Projected Points – 167

I know the Bears have named Trubisky as the week one starter, but I don’t think it will be long till we see Nick Foles take over. I believe Foles could be a bit of a sleeper, we have all seen what his upside looks like, and the bears do have a quality WR in Allen Robinson whether that is enough to see Foles earn big points, we will have to wait and see.

29.Drew Lock

ADP – 226.39

Projected Points – 300

Lock only played in five games last season, so it’s hard to gauge where he is as an NFL starter. He did go 4-1 in those games, but until we can see a larger sample size, he will stay at the bottom end of the rankings. He does have some good receivers so he could jump up this list rapidly.

30.Tyrod Taylor

ADP – 189.85

Projected Points – 189.85

Taylor is in an identical situation to the one he was in when Cleveland selected Baker Mayfield 1st overall in the 2018 draft. He was replaced pretty early in the season on that occasion, and I suspect he will have a similarly short leash this time around too. If he does manage to keep hold of the starting job, there are enough pieces around him that he could have the occasional big game!

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31.Dwayne Haskins

ADP – 226.39

Projected Points – 218

Haskins has been announced as the week one starter, whether that will last remains to be seen, even if the job is his permanently you would have to pretty desperate to use a draft pick on him the Redskins offence doesn’t look great.

32.Ryan Fitzpatrick

ADP – 184.87

Projected Points – 101

Everyone knows that Fitz is just holding down the starting spot until the Dolphins feel comfortable with Tua’s health. Once Tua is believed to be ready Fitzpatrick will no doubt take up a QB2/mentoring role.



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